About us

Mission of the Company and field of activity

The company “Georh Engineering Ltd” is a construction company, founded in 1996.
Thanks to our experienced team, consisting of engineers, workers, technicians, mechanics, minårs  and operators of machinery and tunneling equipment, we successfully accomplish our main activity, positioned in a very specific segment – design, construction and rehabilitation of road and metropolitan tunnels, deep excavations, anchor support and hydro-technical constructions.
In addition to that, the company “Georh Engineering Ltd” provides to all its clients complete management, supervision and control of various investment projects. Further more, our organization can provide tailor-made solutions, which guarantee the safety and security of the interests of the investors, throughout the whole construction process.
Throughout its history, the company has participated into the realization of numerous large scale projects, which contributed significantly to the improvement and development of the Bulgarian infrastructure.
In conclusion, valuable assets such as the capable management, experience, professionalism, high-qualified employees and modern equipment, make the company a preferable partner with a flawless reputation.

Expected development, goals of the company and new markets

In the long-run aspect, the entrepreneurial vision of the management is to create a company with a strong market presence. Our goal is to be successful not only in the area of the infrastructure and hydro-technical construction, but in all fields of this demanding business.
In parallel, we plan to successfully continue our main activity, to preserve our partnerships and to realize many new projects.
In conclusion, we hope that “Georh Engineering Ltd” will continue to be associated as a successful, reliable and competitive company.


The company is in the process of certifying under the Quality Control Standard ISO 9001:2000, as well as the OHSAS 18001:2007